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DRD Disaster Services in Joplin, MO

We’ve helped manage and execute several of the recent disasters within the United States. The full-time DRD Disaster Services team has a proven record of supplying immediate, and coordinated response to some of the country’s worst disaster situation. We have the personnel, equipment resources, strong financial backing and experience needed to consistently deliver results.

DRD Disaster Services was born out of 100 years of general contracting, developing, excavation, and land investment experience. The DRD Disaster Services team understands all facets of disaster recovery and demolition with numerous services that have assisted cities, counties, and states when faced with responding to a disaster.

Founded in Joplin, Missouri we have witnessed firsthand the economic strain and demands that communities face in the aftermath of major disasters.  Our careful management and central geographic location give us the ability to respond quickly to all areas throughout the United States.

Our senior management team has more than 100 years of combined disaster debris management experience including but not limited to design, construction and management of Debris Management Sites, debris removal, reduction, processing, recycling, and disposal, as well as emergency planning and damage mitigation and risk abatement.


Critical Service Capabilities

DRD Disaster Services provides immediate response to municipal, county and state governments affected by disasters including hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, and ice storms. The DRD Disaster Services’ team of professionals has over 100 years of combined experience. At DRD Disaster Services, we have a proven track record to safely and swiftly mobilize the necessary specialized resources to start, sustain and complete a disaster and demolition project.

A summary of emergency services:

  • Debris Management Services
  • Emergency Road Clearance
  • Design, construction and management of Debris Management Sites (DMS)
  • Supplemental collection of residential and commercial solid waste
  • Collection, decontamination, recycling and disposal of White Goods

  • Electronic Waste (E-Waste) collection recycling and disposal
  • Hazardous Waste containment, collection, transport, and disposal
  • Hazardous Tree Removal and disposal
  • “Right-of-Entry” program operations
  • Demolition of unsafe structures


A Century Of Experience

We pride ourselves on working with each community to overcome the challenges that are faced in the aftermath of disasters.  Our team is fully committed to manage disaster and demolition projects with direct communication, ethical business practices to deliver our client’s full satisfaction.

Joplin Tornado

When the 8th worst tornado in US history ripped through Missouri, DRD Disaster Services worked with the city of Joplin to provide demolition and removal.  The tornado was rated an EF5 tornado, with wind speeds upwards of 200 mph and damaged an estimated 8000 structures costing roughly $2.8 billion.  The most destructive tornado since before modern weather record keeping in 1950. 

Superstorm Sandy

Hurricane Sandy was the deadliest and most destructive hurricane of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season, as well as the second-costliest hurricane in United States history.  DRD Disaster Services provided immediate demolition and removal of vegetation debris.

N. American Winter Storms

The 2014 North American winter storm, was a snow and ice storm that affected the American South and East Coast of the United States.  Approximately 1.2 million homes and businesses lost power as the storm moved from the South through the Northeast.  DRD Disaster Services was able to respond with reliable vegetation debris removal to help bring light to the 550,000 customers

Moore Tornado

The 2013 Moore tornado was an EF5 tornado that struck Moore, Oklahoma, and adjacent areas on the afternoon of May 20, 2013; with peak winds estimated at 210 mph.  DRD Services was counted on to remove construction and demolition debris. 




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To learn more about how DRD Disaster Services can help with your debris management, disaster recovery needs contact Dave Johnson, General Partner, and Chief Operating Officer.

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